College Football: Big 12 Preview

Whenthere was one month left in the Big 12 season last year, the Baylor Bears were the clear favorite in the conference. Then Oklahoma State whipped Baylor late in the season and appeared to be in control. However, right after Oklahoma State came up with that huge win, the Cowboys lost at home to the Oklahoma Sooners to give up the conference championship. Baylor was happy to get the prize. This year, can Baylor repeat, or will someone else step into the void?

Best NFL Prospect In The Conference

Cedric Reed, defensive end for Texas, is probably the best choice at this point. If you look at early mock drafts for 2015, you’re not going to find anyone from the Big 12 in the first 16 picks. The Southeastern Conference and Florida State take up a lot of the slots from 1-16. From 17-32, the best prospect purely on a numerical level is Devonte Fields of TCU, but his current legal troubles would point to a much-reduced place on the draft board. He’s done great harm to other people, and also his career. With the absence of Fields from the first 25 picks, then, the next best option for the NFL from the Big 12 is Reed, a noticeably skilled outside pass rusher whose experience in the Big 12, against a lot of quality quarterbacks, should serve him really well in the pros. The quarterbacks in the Big 12 are great about getting rid of the ball quickly, so Reed’s game experience against this specific lineup of quarterbacks will teach him how to impact a game without registering sacks. It will be a positive learning period for him over the next three to four months, giving him a chance to learn how to play at the next level.

Bob Stoops

Biggest Surprise Of 2014

The team that could step up and enjoy a much better season than a lot of people expect was supposed to be TCU, but the Devonte Fields episode really undercuts the Horned Frogs’ efforts in what is the latest blow to that program. TCU has not been able to stay out of offseason trouble removed from the field. If you’re looking for some extra hints when it comes to betting on this season’s games, the latest tweet from Northbet could always be the one to give you information or betting options you haven’t thought of yet. One of the many things it could say is that the Horned Frogs aren’t going to be a pleasant surprise. The new choice for this kind of team is West Virginia. Dana Holgorsen knows his team is up against it this season, and that desperation could bring out the best football the Mountaineers have within themselves. West Virginia crashed and burned last season. A full year of preparation should have the Mountaineers ready to do better.

Biggest Disappointment Of 2014

Two teams stand out here. Texas Tech got a lot of positive press last season thanks to new head coach Kliff Kingsbury, but the Red Raiders did something in 2013 that had happened a lot under previous coach Tommy Tuberville: They started hot and then cooled off. Texas Tech is hoping for improvements this season, but they’re not likely to come. The Red Raiders are still too weak on defense in the Big 12, where offenses normally take charge of games. Another possibility for a disappointing team: Oklahoma State. The Cowboys very nearly played in another premium bowl game last season. This year, they look poised for a big drop-off.

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The Numerous Benefits of Golf Club Membership

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