NFL Parlays – Easy Tips to Win the Bet This Season

Parlay betting is quite popular among the gamblers of National football league. If you are new in the field of gambling, you might be wondering whether one could earn profit with parlays. Before searching for the answer, you must understand what exactly the parlays mean.

What Do You Mean By The Term ‘Parlays’?
Parlays are much similar to American accumulator. European betting markets often use parlays to win the matches. Suppose, you are using a three team parlay, you have to pay 600 and if you are using a smaller two team parlay you have to pay somewhere around 260. To increase the odds of your bet, you could add more and more bets to your parlays.

According to the national football league betting system, ‘110’ has been chosen as the standard betting value. Every time a bettor takes a non-standard wager, the sportsbook has to recalculate the parlay, so that it fits the new wagers of players. At this time, the bettor is supposed to parlay total or side amount. Hence, you could get much better price on non- standard wager as compared to standard one. To increase the total payout of parlays, you have to add 130 or 120 to the standard 110 wager.

Important Information That You Should Know About NFL Parlays
It is quite clear that all the NFL picks & parlays are available with the bookmaker’s edge, especially if you have decided to increase the teams. The parlays involve high risk factor. This is the main reason for the increase in the edge. A $100 wager could win you at most $30,000. These are basically high odd bets and are accompanied with low success rate. Sportsbook are really difficult to beat. Whether you win the bet or lose, the sportsbook will always earn.

NFL Parlays - Easy Tips to Win the Bet This Season

Tips To Use The NFL Parlays Wisely
Make sure that you do not bet a parlay of three or more teams. Whenever, you switch over from a three-team parlay to four team one, your sportsbook will get a chance to make money. It does not mean that you cannot bet huge parlay. You surely can, but only when you are playing with house money. If your sportsbook offer you 10-15% bonus, you could use this money to bet eight-team parlay. Before betting parlays, you must understand the difference between fixed odds and true odds. If you have bet a fixed odd parlay, you will get an odd on 50/50 shot wager.

Although there are chances to make cash with parlays, you have to invest huge value in them. Hence, you have to use this betting method cleverly.

If you do not understand how to use the parlay weapon in National football league wisely, you will give a chance to sportsbook to make easy cash. By following the above-mentioned suggestions, you will be able to turn the bet in your favor. Now, you must hurry up and select some of your favorite teams. All the best!

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Georgia Bulldogs Close to Series with Notre Dame?

The Georgia Bulldogs and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are moving ever closer to a deal that would result in a home and home matchup between the two storied teams. Although no date has been finalized, reports indicate that timing for the first matchup would be around 2017. The games would be played at Sanford Stadium and Notre Dame Stadium, though there is no word yet which team will host first.

The two perennial bowl contenders would both markedly improve their recruiting visibility, branching into newer territory and being featured nationally. Notre Dame has already increased their efforts to recruit talent from the southern states and is no stranger to recruiting there, with 20 current players from SEC states.

The Fighting Irish have also used their new defensive coordinator, former Georgia Bulldogs DC Brian VanGorder, to increase their presence down South. Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly has made progress in Georgia, signing four players from the state since he was hired and has offered 12 early scholarships.

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While Notre Dame struggled to be considered a National Championship contender from the mid 90s to the late 2000s, they were able to make it back to the Championship game in 2012, ultimately losing to Alabama. And after recently agreeing to play more games against ACC opponents in order to increase their chances of making it to the newly adopted playoff system, national games against SEC opponents will help with their national spotlight.

The national spotlight will no doubt give both teams the added attention they are looking for with both schools having huge name recognition throughout the nation. While both teams look to improve their chances in the recruiting game, the national audiences will watch two teams compete for a chance at the playoffs.